Some progress is better than no progress

My oh my, we’ve done it. We have moved. We are now entrenched in the beautiful Bega Valley.

We have had no time to explore, no time to blog and no time to do much except unpack boxes, start a new school and get other half away to new job.

Today has been the most hectic and stressful of all. After taking two dogs to the vet for microchipping (having been born and bred in the bush such technology had never been inserted into them) I will never be the same again. Dog no. 1 – 12 years old, so excited to be going somewhere in the back of the ute that he thought he would hump anything and everything within reach. Dog no 2 – 4 years old, blind as a bat was so stressed that his whole body was shaking (read: stressed mother also).

We survived the microchipping, returned to the car where Dog no. 3 – 6 months old, jumps out of the back of the ute, over my head and takes off into the North Bega industrial area. After calming blind dog and wishing I had a bucket of ice water for horny dog, I chase NAUGHTY dog around the place. She nearly gets run over by a forklift, runs on the road and then, smelling other dogs, heads into the vets’ back courtyard where she was cornered by me. I thought about killing her there and then but thought it probably wasn’t the best place.

All dogs now in back of ute, except blind dog who is on back seat, quivering.

This is where I now head to Bega Valley Shire Council, to register canines. This was a relatively painless process except for the part where I had to fork out $290 because lovely husband refused to get Dog No. 1 desexed… ever.

It is now raining, as I head home I am pulled over by the Police. Are you from around here madam? Yes, officer I have just moved here. Well you need to update your registration and licence. OK. Here, count to 5 – breathalised. 750m later, flashing lights, pulled over by the Police. Are you from around here madam? Yes, officer I have just moved here. Well you need to update your registration and licence. OK. Here, count to 5 – breathalised… again.

I now have temporary internet, I still can’t charge my laptop. We have no TV reception. Foxtel is coming in October. No landline – September. It’s my birthday in 4 days, hopefully things will improve.

Am feeling a little inspired by recent trip to the local cemetery, at the request of  5 year old. Stay tuned.


Silence=productivity, or does it?

So, haven’t been hanging around this blog much lately.

We have been busy attempting to pack. We have taken one small load to storage ‘near’ our new home and have 20 or so packed boxes that we are living amongst, in our lounge room – yet we seem to have hardly touched the surface. I have every confidence it will happen, somehow, magically overnight. 11 days until we get the keys…

There is some good news – the electricity is sorted and we will be getting Foxtel (pay tv)  on – at an alarmingly cheaper rate than we get now (hint: threaten to leave them, they hate that!). I shall not be missing the finales of True Blood or Wentworth for anybody!

The kids are enrolled at their new school, well they will be when I put the forms in the post – but the forms are filled out, the cheque drawn and the relevant bits and bobs photocopied.

The horse still has no form of transport for her trip to the Sapphire Coast, but we are working on it and she has a safe and loving place to stay if we have to go move before she does.

It’s two sleeps to our farewell party. I have the key to the venue, the band is booked and confirmed (however lead singer is MIA and has been replaced), I know I need to buy some stuff.  I’m pretty sure I don’t know half the people who are coming.

Tax is almost done. Paperwork almost complete for the handover of our job(s) to the new folk.

The real high this week was the kids school reports – awesome little treasures, oh and we hit our 10 year wedding anniversary and it was one of the dogs’ 12th birthday. A pretty good week.

Maybe I have been more productive than I think… but it still isn’t enough.  Just need to pack more. Must pack more. Will pack more.


What’s it all about then?

Welcome to Wisharama. Well, what is it? Wisharama is quite frankly my chance to get some stuff down, to say some stuff and post some stuff. It’s also a way to express those things that I wish for – the tangible, the intangible and the unreachable.

Perhaps not all things we wish for are unreachable. Perhaps we just have to try a bit harder. Eight years ago I moved to the bush from the bustling ‘city’ of Canberra. Six years ago I quit my job in the Australian Public Service, it was a pretty good job too – great dollars, great workmates and a reasonably fulfilling occupation.

Why did I walk away? Family. My little family – hubby and just one littlie at the time – needed more of me than I could give if I was to continue driving two and a half hours a day over dirt roads to just bring in some dollars. AND no. 2 was on the way, and sometimes I can be a little lazy. So I left my job, my employer of 13 years and a huge network of friends and co-workers.

What happened? Life happened. No. 2 arrived, I worked part-time for hubby’s boss and got myself a very part-time gig at the local school (a dozen students) helping the kids with computers and photography. My government experience enabled me to do a few websites and get involved in the local community.

Before I knew it I was organising community events including the annual markets. I wrote the odd column for the local paper and had some of my photos published in regional and national rags. I volunteered to the NSW Rural Fire Service and learnt a lot of valuable information I’ve thankfully never had to put into practice (yet).

I have taken countless photos, seen incredible landscapes and witnessed natural disasters. I have made some lifelong friends and probably some lifelong enemies (more on living in a small community later!).

It’s never been enough though (greedy, or what?). Things break down, things need registering and insuring. People get sick, people die and things change. Life is not quite fulfilled.

There are a million (okay, maybe 10) things waiting to come to fruition. Most of us have things that sit in the back rows of our minds. Some people are brave enough to grab hold of them, drag them to the forefront and get on with it. These are the things I want to explore. The unsaid, the underdeveloped. So we don’t have to say “I wish I had been….” or “I wish I had done more….”.

My life and loves revolve around my friends and family, photography and my animals – three dogs and currently just one horse. These will feature on this blog as those are the things that keep me grounded. Hopefully you will also see something new, new for me anyway – some creativity, drive and ambition. You’ll also see our adventures – where we go, what we get up to – maybe you’ll even find some inspiration.

An opportunity has arisen – we are on the move. To the South East this time, the beautiful Sapphire Coast of New South Wales – we don’t know where we’ll end up – we don’t even have anywhere to live yet. Times are a’changing. Watch what happens next.