Call me Kate. I am of a certain age that I don’t wish to be reminded of. I am happily married to a glorious man with whom I have two extraordinary children.

My family and I are on the move, from our home of 8 years, to the virtual unknown on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. It’s a big move for us, we like STUFF – junk mostly, but you never know – one day it might come in handy. It will involve a new home, new schools and new jobs. It’s been a while but we’re going to have a good go at it.

I have a lot to be thankful in my life but there are a lot of things that I wish I’d done, mostly ideas that I wish I’d followed through. So that’s what Wisharama is all about. Come along for the ride.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Aah! I tracked back to your blog. (Thanks so much for the follow, Kate. And it’s an instant follow back from me!)
    I love your banner photo and I see you have Wee Jasper bridge in your instagram… so I think we might be synchronicity sisters!
    Moruya is our next move but perhaps not for a while. In the meantime I hope your new adventure is wonderful and I’ll be looking forward to see it unfold. Happy days, CC

    1. Thanks CC. I just noticed that if you stare at the clouds long enough in my banner pic, the clouds move… or maybe I’m just tired! 😉 Thanks for the follow!

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