I am a boy! AND I am six!

We have a six year old boy and a nine year old girl vying for attention in our tiny home. Whilst they both a truly amazing, I thought it timely to give you a peek at the world of a six year old boy… at least how I see it.

For example (and this, I’m sure, has been going on since the dawn of time) be prepared for multiple trips to the hospital. They may never amount to anything, fingers crossed, but you will get to know your ER nurses by name.

Do not every think that your six year old boy should be anywhere near as reasonable as your 6 year old girl was. There will be NO negotiations. It just is what it is. They see things in black and white. It’s either good or bad. There is no in-between.

It is okay to want to wear coloured lip balm and if necessary let your big sister dress you up ‘like a lady’. But under no circumstances is information on this activity to leave the house (oops).

Hide the razor, little boys like to shave, and not necessarily their faces.

‘Oh My God’, ‘I can’t believe it’, huge sighs and eye rolls are as common in the six year old boy world as they are in the world of a teenage girl. Nothing is how it should be and even the best, most fun thing in the world can be ruined in a millisecond by something not going quite their own way.

Annoying older children is a common past-time of the six year old boy. Dirt is still a high priority and bathing is not popular unless it involves unnecessary wasting of water.

Yes, six year old boys will walk up to strangers in the street and have a chat. They don’t judge others and have a wonderful open acceptance of the world around them.

Six year old boys don’t quite know their place in that world yet and are on a long and fun journey to find out. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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