Small towns

We left a small town – well a village, nestled in a small community. We thought living in each others’ pockets was hard. But the reality is – it’s easier. You HAVE to get along. You have your ups and downs. You don’t have to like people or be friends with them just because they are there. But through all the ups and downs you will find that you suddenly have a bigger, better, bolder family.

We moved to a small town – small by city standards. It too is nestled in a vibrant, active and nurturing community. A community where everybody knows everybody but is detached enough to be openly critical and blindly judgemental.

Having been incorrectly judged and seeing the devastating affect such behaviour can have on others, we stand proud and will not judge. We will make our own decisions about local people, services and destinations on our own. Thank you very much.

To this end, we have eaten the worst Chinese food ever tasted and some of the best Thai. We have found secret beach spots (well, we feel they are secret) and met great tradespeople. We have made friends and become wary of others. We think we are doing okay and have started our journey the way we mean to proceed.  (We still miss our village family though xxx)


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