Silence=productivity, or does it?

So, haven’t been hanging around this blog much lately.

We have been busy attempting to pack. We have taken one small load to storage ‘near’ our new home and have 20 or so packed boxes that we are living amongst, in our lounge room – yet we seem to have hardly touched the surface. I have every confidence it will happen, somehow, magically overnight. 11 days until we get the keys…

There is some good news – the electricity is sorted and we will be getting Foxtel (pay tv)  on – at an alarmingly cheaper rate than we get now (hint: threaten to leave them, they hate that!). I shall not be missing the finales of True Blood or Wentworth for anybody!

The kids are enrolled at their new school, well they will be when I put the forms in the post – but the forms are filled out, the cheque drawn and the relevant bits and bobs photocopied.

The horse still has no form of transport for her trip to the Sapphire Coast, but we are working on it and she has a safe and loving place to stay if we have to go move before she does.

It’s two sleeps to our farewell party. I have the key to the venue, the band is booked and confirmed (however lead singer is MIA and has been replaced), I know I need to buy some stuff.  I’m pretty sure I don’t know half the people who are coming.

Tax is almost done. Paperwork almost complete for the handover of our job(s) to the new folk.

The real high this week was the kids school reports – awesome little treasures, oh and we hit our 10 year wedding anniversary and it was one of the dogs’ 12th birthday. A pretty good week.

Maybe I have been more productive than I think… but it still isn’t enough.  Just need to pack more. Must pack more. Will pack more.



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