We can’t take everything Pt 1

We can’t take everything with us when we move. So tonight saw the beginning of what is going to be a long, laborious process. The chucking out of STUFF.

Storage space no. 1 was attacked tonight, being one door of one sideboard. Removed from said cupboard was a whole bunch of vinyl, c1980-1990, including imports that have not seen the light of day for at least 15 years nor shall ever see the inside of a dumpster. Hours spent rifling through the racks of Impact Records in Canberra. Cry of “What is that?” from 9 year old, upon seeing an actual record. Discovery of an album by Neil from The Young Ones and a soundtrack from The Goodies. Where did all this Neil Diamond come from? Put them back in cupboard. Step 1: failed.

Next, CDs – an odd collection spearheaded by at least 5 different bands formed by friends and acquaintances over the years. Some of whom I barely recall. Some of them are awesome. At least two were bought at late night gigs I do not remember well. Obviously then, none of these can be binned. Others, somewhat scratched, plastic casings cracked, but great cover art – must stay. Early Daft Punk, should be framed. Step 2: failed.

On to sheet music. I am by no means a musician. I dabbled, briefly and badly as a teenager, but I can read music (thanks Mum). Hubby can play a mean guitar and sing like a … well, I don’t know how you would describe it, but he can sing. Do we need all this sheet music? You can download guitar tabs and lyrics for free, that’s all we need. But it cost so much to buy, way back when. Maybe the kids will use it one day. Surely they’ll want to use 101 Hits for Buskers. Step 3: failed.

What’s left? Guitar leads, mike leads, instructions for the once-used very expensive mixing desk, part of an amp, box of unopened Pink Floyd plectrums,  ACDC guitar strap, half a guitar stand, a guitar pedal and a mike. Step 4: failed for fear of own life.

Things are not going well. I’m going back to my knitting (I’m not very good at that either).


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One thought on “We can’t take everything Pt 1

  1. We just did the same thing, only with our 500+ CD collection. We threw up our hands, called a CD dealer found on Craigslist, and cut a deal with him to take it all. Like you, it had been 15 years since opening most of these discs, so out of sight, out of mind. And, money in our pocket!

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