I am a boy! AND I am six!

We have a six year old boy and a nine year old girl vying for attention in our tiny home. Whilst they both a truly amazing, I thought it timely to give you a peek at the world of a six year old boy… at least how I see it.

For example (and this, I’m sure, has been going on since the dawn of time) be prepared for multiple trips to the hospital. They may never amount to anything, fingers crossed, but you will get to know your ER nurses by name.

Do not every think that your six year old boy should be anywhere near as reasonable as your 6 year old girl was. There will be NO negotiations. It just is what it is. They see things in black and white. It’s either good or bad. There is no in-between.

It is okay to want to wear coloured lip balm and if necessary let your big sister dress you up ‘like a lady’. But under no circumstances is information on this activity to leave the house (oops).

Hide the razor, little boys like to shave, and not necessarily their faces.

‘Oh My God’, ‘I can’t believe it’, huge sighs and eye rolls are as common in the six year old boy world as they are in the world of a teenage girl. Nothing is how it should be and even the best, most fun thing in the world can be ruined in a millisecond by something not going quite their own way.

Annoying older children is a common past-time of the six year old boy. Dirt is still a high priority and bathing is not popular unless it involves unnecessary wasting of water.

Yes, six year old boys will walk up to strangers in the street and have a chat. They don’t judge others and have a wonderful open acceptance of the world around them.

Six year old boys don’t quite know their place in that world yet and are on a long and fun journey to find out. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Small towns

We left a small town – well a village, nestled in a small community. We thought living in each others’ pockets was hard. But the reality is – it’s easier. You HAVE to get along. You have your ups and downs. You don’t have to like people or be friends with them just because they are there. But through all the ups and downs you will find that you suddenly have a bigger, better, bolder family.

We moved to a small town – small by city standards. It too is nestled in a vibrant, active and nurturing community. A community where everybody knows everybody but is detached enough to be openly critical and blindly judgemental.

Having been incorrectly judged and seeing the devastating affect such behaviour can have on others, we stand proud and will not judge. We will make our own decisions about local people, services and destinations on our own. Thank you very much.

To this end, we have eaten the worst Chinese food ever tasted and some of the best Thai. We have found secret beach spots (well, we feel they are secret) and met great tradespeople. We have made friends and become wary of others. We think we are doing okay and have started our journey the way we mean to proceed.  (We still miss our village family though xxx)

Head above water…


Finally, it’s happened. I have a new job!

It’s my first NOT ‘working from home’ job in nearly 6 year. It’s exciting. My mind is racing at 100 miles an hour with ideas and plan and projects… and worries. Can I cut the mustard? Do I really understand this stuff that is sprouting out of my mouth?

I think I do. We’ll see.

The future looks bright and it includes organic farming, self-sufficiency, bio-dynamics and a better place for all our kids.

There are websites to build, photos to take, videos to make, people to be trained, blogs to write, animals to be looked after. IThere are chickens, fish, geese, goats, dogs, cows and more. There’s administration, certification and education. And that’s only the half of it. It’s a dream job. There’s so much to learn and so much to do. So if you see me in the distance, cross your fingers and hope that I’m waving, not drowning! Wish me luck!

Innocence waning

IMGP2619 054 012 (2)

Look at them. All cuteness and togetherness. Sibling happiness. Oh, how they loved each other!

They’re 9 going on 15 now and nearly 6, going on 12. Full of attitude and sibling rivalry.

There’s lots of “I hate sisters” and “Get out of my room”, door slamming, eye rolling and foot stamping. Other parents tell me this is just the beginning. I’m not sure I’m cut out for this.

Where’s the love and reliance gone? Where is the innocence and devotion? When will it all return?

In their late 20s ‘they’ tell me. What? It’s a natural cycle ‘they’ say. It breaks a mother’s heart I say.


What do you say?


End the violence – support a Polished Man









  1. Fundraise to support preventative measures of violence against children.
  2. Wear nail polish between the 1st – 15th of September and raise the conversation about ending violence against children.
  3. Be a leader in their community by condemning violence against children.

All info from http://www.polishedman.com.au/about/

Please donate to my brother-in-law who is speaking up and supporting the cause: http://your.polishedman.com.au/#/johnsteele

And blokes, there is still time to sign up!

Some progress is better than no progress

My oh my, we’ve done it. We have moved. We are now entrenched in the beautiful Bega Valley.

We have had no time to explore, no time to blog and no time to do much except unpack boxes, start a new school and get other half away to new job.

Today has been the most hectic and stressful of all. After taking two dogs to the vet for microchipping (having been born and bred in the bush such technology had never been inserted into them) I will never be the same again. Dog no. 1 – 12 years old, so excited to be going somewhere in the back of the ute that he thought he would hump anything and everything within reach. Dog no 2 – 4 years old, blind as a bat was so stressed that his whole body was shaking (read: stressed mother also).

We survived the microchipping, returned to the car where Dog no. 3 – 6 months old, jumps out of the back of the ute, over my head and takes off into the North Bega industrial area. After calming blind dog and wishing I had a bucket of ice water for horny dog, I chase NAUGHTY dog around the place. She nearly gets run over by a forklift, runs on the road and then, smelling other dogs, heads into the vets’ back courtyard where she was cornered by me. I thought about killing her there and then but thought it probably wasn’t the best place.

All dogs now in back of ute, except blind dog who is on back seat, quivering.

This is where I now head to Bega Valley Shire Council, to register canines. This was a relatively painless process except for the part where I had to fork out $290 because lovely husband refused to get Dog No. 1 desexed… ever.

It is now raining, as I head home I am pulled over by the Police. Are you from around here madam? Yes, officer I have just moved here. Well you need to update your registration and licence. OK. Here, count to 5 – breathalised. 750m later, flashing lights, pulled over by the Police. Are you from around here madam? Yes, officer I have just moved here. Well you need to update your registration and licence. OK. Here, count to 5 – breathalised… again.

I now have temporary internet, I still can’t charge my laptop. We have no TV reception. Foxtel is coming in October. No landline – September. It’s my birthday in 4 days, hopefully things will improve.

Am feeling a little inspired by recent trip to the local cemetery, at the request of  5 year old. Stay tuned.

Silence=productivity, or does it?

So, haven’t been hanging around this blog much lately.

We have been busy attempting to pack. We have taken one small load to storage ‘near’ our new home and have 20 or so packed boxes that we are living amongst, in our lounge room – yet we seem to have hardly touched the surface. I have every confidence it will happen, somehow, magically overnight. 11 days until we get the keys…

There is some good news – the electricity is sorted and we will be getting Foxtel (pay tv)  on – at an alarmingly cheaper rate than we get now (hint: threaten to leave them, they hate that!). I shall not be missing the finales of True Blood or Wentworth for anybody!

The kids are enrolled at their new school, well they will be when I put the forms in the post – but the forms are filled out, the cheque drawn and the relevant bits and bobs photocopied.

The horse still has no form of transport for her trip to the Sapphire Coast, but we are working on it and she has a safe and loving place to stay if we have to go move before she does.

It’s two sleeps to our farewell party. I have the key to the venue, the band is booked and confirmed (however lead singer is MIA and has been replaced), I know I need to buy some stuff.  I’m pretty sure I don’t know half the people who are coming.

Tax is almost done. Paperwork almost complete for the handover of our job(s) to the new folk.

The real high this week was the kids school reports – awesome little treasures, oh and we hit our 10 year wedding anniversary and it was one of the dogs’ 12th birthday. A pretty good week.

Maybe I have been more productive than I think… but it still isn’t enough.  Just need to pack more. Must pack more. Will pack more.